• Schwedesdorf Castle Conversion
  • Lauenau, Lower Saxony, DE

Client: Private
Status: Completion - December 2021
Services: Phases 1 to 5
Program: four apartments with a total of 465 m2 of living area
CGI: Luppa

Schwedesdorf Castle is a listed Weser Renaissance complex in Lauenau, near Hanover. Built between 1596 and 1600, only parts of the castle are in use by the owner's family. The northeast wing has been vacant since 2018 and therefore careful planning was required for its division into residential units. The generosity and elegance of the spaces were to be preserved and this special "address" was to be further developed for people who value the unique ensemble.
The transformation strategy was first and foremost to respect the historical DNA of the building and its surroundings and to align it with the principles that govern the redevelopment of listed buildings. The conversion respects the internal spatial structure of the wing and highlights its historic architectural elements such as the entrance staircase, the built-in furniture elements and the fine wooden doors and windows. The classical impression of the spaces was combined with modern floor plans. Schwedesdorf Castle invites the new residents to find their homes in this comfortable world with a historical feel.