• Living in Volkspark
  • Lauenau, Lower Saxony, DE

Client 1: Wert-Investition Holding GmbH
Client 2: Svedestorp Projekt GmbH
Status: Preparation of urban planning procedure
Services: Masterplan - Development concept
Program: 3,44 ha development area with 92 residential units (geriatric care-service package), 30 working places, 0,8 ha public park extension

The plots surrounding the Schwedesdorf Castle in Lauenau stand as a unique opportunity to expand the public park - the Volkspark - and to round off the city center through a high-quality urban development. The proposed concept for the development of the area follows a careful examination of planning laws and environmental aspects: it is important to enrich the landscape and townscape, do justice to nature conservation and flood protection, and create new and qualified recreation areas for Lauenau. The proposed building program offers qualified and barrier-free flats with a geriatric care-service package. A nursing home at the north end of the development area rounds off the offer. The development concept proposes the integration and connection of the Schwedesdorf Castle with the "Volkspark" and its extension, the Mühlenbach stream, and a new network of paths and public recreational areas that invite the residents of Lauenau to enjoy this new place.