• Carcereira Swimming Pool
  • Porto, PT

Design study at FAUP, Porto
CGI: Fusão

The characteristics of the site in the city of Porto for the new swimming pool and gymnasium determine its architectural expression. The positioning of the building makes it possible to close the large block in which it is inserted and regulate its interior. The distinctive triangular body, which opens only to an inner courtyard, presents as a dramatic and welcoming backdrop for sport along with Avenida Sidónio Pais - one of the main entrances to the city of Porto to the north. The building's continuous load-bearing wall with granite cladding gives the volume chromatic continuity and a uniform surface. The remaining area of the site freed up for a large garden with trees and flowers: an extensive public open space for sports and recreation. Inside, a U-shaped path adjacent to the perimeter of the building emphasizes a simple and continuous distribution of the program: the swimming pool to the east and the sports hall to the west. The Carcereira swimming pool and sports hall create a new entrée into the city.