• Central Pharmacy
  • Castrop-Rauxel, North Rhine-Westphalia, DE

Owner: Confirmus GmbH
Client: Architekturbüro Waldow
Status: Completion - December 2022
Services: Phases 3 to 6
Program: Industrial pharmacy with laboratories, storage, and office areas - ca. 3000 m2 of built area
CGI: Fusão

The central pharmacy of the protestant hospital association EVK is integrated within the Castrop-Rauxel Health Campus. It is a successful example of how a purely functional building can be developed into an appealing architectural object through specific planning work. The pharmacy’s interior structure, developed in cooperation with specialists for the laboratories and technical facilities, served as a base and a challenge for us to translate the building's envelope into an attractive element of the campus. The design of the façade with generous and bright window openings and walls treated with a light grey textured plaster create an overall elegant impression - plenty of air, light, and comfort create a high-quality workplace everywhere inside.