• Shamrock Park Assisted Living
  • Herne, North Rhine-Westphalia, DE

Bauherr: Confirmus GmbH
Services: Service phases 1 to 3 for 3 residential buildings with 64 residential units

Shamrock Park is a former colliery site owned by Irishman Thomas Mulvany and was the headquarters of RAG for a long time. Now the area is being transformed and put to a new use where a nursing home for the elderly and assisted living residences are to be integrated in a larger masterplan. For this area, we proposed three five storey identical brick buildings for assisted living with residential units for the Johanniter. The last and staggered storey offers large private terraces to its residents. An urban and green environment integrates all parking areas in green lots and offers plenty of private and semi-public exterior areas that invite the community to enjoy and socialize outdoors.