• Housing Densification in Bochum
  • Bochum, North Rhine-Westphalia, DE

Client: Chandler KBS
Status: Building permit in 2021
Services: Feasibility study for the densification of 4 social housing areas + Architectural services Phase 1 to 4 for a residential area in Königsbergerstraße
Program: Four social housing areas with a total of approx. 31,000 m2 / 3.0 ha;
Residential area in Königsbergerstraße - ca. 6800 m2: 12 new residential units (890m2), facade modernisation of 6 buildings (36 residential units / ca.2,585 m2) and restructuring of 5700 m2 of outdoor area
CGI: Luppa

The housing owners sought a planning recommendation on whether four social housing areas from the 1950s and 1960s in the Hofstede and Weitmar districts of Bochum should be densified and modernized. In a preliminary feasibility study for the existing residential areas, we propose the densification of the areas by adding one or two stories to each of the buildings, the modernization of the building facades combined with the restructuring and improvement of open areas.
The building application comprises six buildings at Königsbergerstraße. The substitution of the existing roof with a 70° pitched one picks up on the traditional housing silhouette from the 50/60´s, makes it possible to preserve the appearance of a two-story building and at the same time creates a new full story. The modernization of the facades and the proposal of bigger balconies for the existing apartments in the ground and first floors convey a significant overall upgrade to the buildings. New play and recreation areas, a network of pathways, and greened parking spaces for cars and bicycles offer an important reform and improvement to the neighborhood.